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OCTaxPAC State Watch

Taxes vs. Fees

The Orange County Taxpayers Association prefers fees to taxes. We like the fact that the users of a specific service, rather than the general public, pay for that service.


Fees are paid only by users of a service. Examples are toll roads, permits, licenses, public parking, small claims court and water bills. Motor vehicle fuel “taxes” which are spent on roads are actually fees. Motor vehicle fuel taxes that are diverted to general governmental services are true taxes.


Taxes are paid by the general public for general governmental services, provided for the general public’s benefit, and for which it is infeasible for the users of the services to pay. Examples are jails, police and fire protection, municipal and superior courts, voter registration and elections.

State Ballot Propositions

For more information regarding the 2022 State Ballot Propositions and OCTax's positions, please click below. 

Proposition 1: Constitutional Right to Reproductive Freedom

Proposition 26: Allow In-Person Roulette, Dice Games, and Sports Wagering on Tribal Lands 

Proposition 27: Allow Online and Mobile Sports Wagering Outside Tribal Lands 

Proposition 28: Provide Additional Funding for Arts and Music Education in Public Schools 

Proposition 29: Require On-Site Licensed Medical Professionals at Kidney Dialysis Clinics and Establishes Other State Requirements 

Proposition 30: Provide Funding for Programs to Reduce Air Pollution and Prevent Wildfires by Increasing Tax on Personal Income Over $2 Million

Proposition 31: Referendum on 2020 Law That Would Prohibit the Retail Sale of Certain Flavored Tobacco Products

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